Great Day...

Great day with six raku firings, lots of discussions with folks about creating art and two nice sales to some terrific people. The two pieces finding new homes today were “Window View,” a 12” x 36” wall piece and the 12” arts and crafts “Three Scene Vase”. It’s great to know these pieces will be enjoyed for the holidays and years to come. 


Window View


Three Scene Vase

West Main Artists 2018 Open Doors...

WMAC’s annual Open Doors Exhibit and events are here again!  This year in addition to the opening and closing receptions (Thursday November 15th from 5 to 9 and December 20th also from 5 to 9) there will also be a special day of demonstrations on Saturday, December 1st from 10 to 4.  The show will run from November 15th to December 29th at West Main Artists, 578 West Main Street on Spartanburg SC.  All art work will be for sale on a pay and take basis so it’s a great opportunity to find some extra special holiday gifts.  I’ll be there for each of the receptions and will be doing a raku-firing demonstration out on the Ceramics Patio on Saturday the 1st.  Hope to see you at one of the events!


WMAC OD poster info.jpg
WMAC OD poster 2018.jpg

2 Down and 1 Up...

2 ceramics shows down...1 photo show up! The Spartanburg and Tryon ceramic Art shows went real good, sold a total of 5 pieces.  Thanks to all who checked them out and especially to my bro for making the trip!

Last night we had the opening reception for the West Main Artists Photo Show and I have 6 pieces in it. Did something a little different with what I’ve called “The Vintage Pop” series. Taking a creative artistic look at some of the world around us with bright, rich colors and an “artsy” flare.  It was fun! Here’s a look.


The West Main Artists Gallery  


At The Ranch House



Road Trip Dream



Stable’s Light



De Old DeLuxe



Store Bought Goods



The Warehouse


Less than 2 weeks to go!!!

With less than 2 weeks to go until the opening reception for “Wildness”, my ceramic art show at West Main Artists in Spartanburg I’ve wrapped up the final touches on over a dozen new works of art. Next is preparing them for display, with some it’s easier said than done. The two larger works each have 20 to 30 individual pieces that will need to be installed. I hope a little creativity is going to do the trick.

I was thrilled to see an article in Carolina Arts about the show, check it out below.  And be sure to also read the article about my granddaughter Kaydee's photography show in the gallery next to my show!



Here’s a preview peak at one of the smaller pieces that will be in the show.


Lizard preview peak.jpg

Coming Soon...WILDNESS!


Four weeks to go until September 20th, opening night of "Wildness", my show of ceramic art at West Main Artists in Spartanburg, SC.

I've been working away for the last several months on over a dozen new pieces ranging from small (8" x 14") single pieces up to large (3' x 5') multiple-piece 3-D works.  I've used a combination of traditional low and western raku firing techniques. The work includes traditionally structured designs as well as pieces featuring a variety of design and color creativity, all centered around a theme of wildlife and wild places in America. 

I'll keep you posted over the next few weeks as I finish up the last three unfinished works along with more sneak preview peaks.


A salute to the wild horses of the Outer Banks - "... A Different Color"

A salute to the wild horses of the Outer Banks - "... A Different Color"


A sneak peak at a portion of "Out of the Blue"


Making progress on multiple pieces for the show in September. Here’s an update on the two new works I shared previously.

Here’s a closeup of the background tiles for the eagle piece, raku fired and ready to go! I’ll use approximately 30 of these tiles in the finished piece.


Here’s a portion of the basic sketch work for the eagle design. This completed piece will have overall dimensions of approximately 30” x 50”.


And here’s the portion of the arts and crafts window design, now glazed and ready to raku fire!


This piece will have three sections and will, overall, be approximately 12” x 36”.

Three Great Shows...

Arlene and I attended three great shows last night! 

First was the Winter Wonders Show in Tryon, NC at the Tryon Painters and Sculptors Gallery. There was a good variety of art mediums and styles and a really good turnout. I had my new “Snow Day” piece there and thought it showed well. Here’s a pic. This show will run until February 24th.


“Snow Day”  10” x 26” Raku-Fired Ceramic Wall Art $155

The other two shows were the West Main Artists’ Nouveau 9 Show featuring WMAC’s new members from 2017 and Ludovic Nkoth’s Roots Show, both at the West Main Artists Co-Op in Spartanburg, SC.  There was a great crowd of approximately 200 folks attending both of these shows and seeing some terrific art!  These shows will also be up into February.

Meanwhile, it’s time for me to focus on creating pieces for my show in September, I’ll keep you posted.

Welcoming the New Year...

Collage 01.jpg

Wow! It's been a great year and I want to thank everyone who has supported my growth as an artist throughout 2017. Thanks for all the positive comments, encouragements, and suggestions. I really appreciate all of them. And of course, an extra thank you to those who purchased one of my pieces.

As 2017 draws to a close, I'm looking forward to a busy and exciting year ahead. As we start off January I have scheduled four shows in Tryon, NC that I'll be participating in throughout the year and at least two shows at West Main Artists Co-Op in Spartanburg, SC. One of these will again be  WMAC's 2018 All Members Open Doors show in November and the other is in September when I'll have a solo show at WMAC that'll have approximately 20 new ceramic wall art pieces!

I'm excited and hope you'll follow along.

Hope all had a very merry and joyous Christmas, Arlene and I sure did, and I wish everyone a super happy new year!